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PADMAR supplies the food industry with the finest quality fruits ingredients. Our product offering includes:-
  • Fruit Juice Concentrate
  • Freeze Dried And Frozen Fruit
  • Fruit Powders
  • Organic Fruit Products
  • Fruit Puree Concentrate
  • Dried Fruits & Vegetables
  • Fruit Essences
  • Fruit Extracts And Distillates
  • Essential Oils
  • Ice Cream Ingredients
  • Fruit Bases
  • Fruit Juice Wonf
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Dried Fruit and Dried Cherries
  • Sources are both Foreign and Domestic.

    Packaging : Available in tankers, bins, drums, pails and cases. Our products are available ex-warehouse, ex-dock or FOB point of origin.

    We source materials to meet your individual product specifications and we can find the right product for you at competitive prices.

    PADMAR is the source for all your food ingredient requirements.we will be happy to supply you with current market quotes, samples and any other required need. We would like to be your preferred partner.

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